The best Investor Relations team

Institutional Investor, one of the leading publications in the international financial segment, recognized our Investor Relations team as the best in the retail segment in 2018. The survey collected the opinions of 595 portfolio managers and purchase analysts and 329 sales analysts, who also placed RD in 2nd place as Best IR Program and Best Analyst Day (RD Day). Our Investor Relations director was also chosen as retail’s Best IR Professional of the year.

Business Transparency

The Associação Nacional dos Executivos de Finanças, Administração e Contabilidade (Brazilian Association of Finance, Administration and Accounting Executives) (Anefac) awarded RD the Transparency Trophy 2018. The award seeks to value the most trusted companies in their financial statements. This is the second time we received the award, which considered the 2017 fiscal year.

Noteworthy Company

RD was featured in the Retail Pharmacies category of the Noteworthy Companies award, developed by the Centro de Inteligência Padrão (Standard Intelligence Center) (CIP) in partnership with the magazine Consumidor Moderno (Modern Consumer). The nomination was based on studies coordinated by main consulting of companies from 26 segments of the Brazilian economy in 2017 to select those that achieved the most consistent and balanced performance in three indicators: branding (brand development), investments and value.