With every small action, from each of us, we will win
Sempre que precisamos vencer algum desafio, nos voltamos para o nosso propósito: cuidar. Ele aponta os caminhos. Com isso na mente e no coração, trabalhamos para fazer a nossa parte, todos os dias. Mas queremos e vamos fazer cada vez mais.
Because All Care Counts.
The Todo Cuidado Conta (All Care Counts) movement has arrived to add forces and guarantee the well-being of everyone in this period of pandemic. Divided into three pillars, its main purpose is to ensure the safety of RD employees, customers and, of course, of society as a whole. Therefore, in addition to adopting special care measures, the RD Group is donating 25 million reais to 50 hospitals in vulnerable cities, impacting the lives of 14 million people.
See the other actions RD is doing
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    To ensure that our employees and their families can access medical care without leaving home, Einstein Telemedicine has been implemented.
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    Safety Equipment
    We distribute masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to all our employees in stores, distribution centers and offices.
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    Cleaning Reinforcement
    To ensure an even healthier work environment for everyone who is working together for the health in our community.
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    Case by Case Monitoring
    We monitor all cases of employees who contracted the Coronavirus individually in order to provide the assistance needed to contribute to their well-being.
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    Mental Health: Virtual Therapy with Subsidized Consultation
    In this moment of pandemic and social isolation, we know how fundamental emotional health is in everyone's routine, and how much professionals in this area can help with their experience.
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    Emergency Fund
    As we are aware of the possible economic difficulties during this phase, we have expanded the possibilities for aid with an emergency fund.
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    Priority service
    In all our stores, we are dedicating the first two hours of operation to priority care for the elderly, ensuring more safety for them.
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    Store Safety
    To strengthen protection with our customers and employees, we have adopted and signaled a safety distance for the counter, cashier and between people in line at Droga Raia and Drogasil stores.
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    People Control in the Stores
    To avoid crowds and keep a safe distance, we are controlling the number of people entering Droga Raia and Drogasil stores.
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    Supply of Hand Sanitizer
    We reinforce the supply of hand sanitizer for use in the store and for the sale to our customers in Droga Raia and Drogasil.
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    Reinforced E-commerce
    We have increased the capacity of our e-commerce so that our customers can continue to take care of their health without having to leave home.
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    Home Delivery
    Our team of Droga Raia and Drogasil stores is delivering orders to nearby customers, contributing to the #FiqueEmCasa (#StayHome) movement.
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    Drive Thru
    During this period, deliveries from Droga Raia and Drogasil stores can be made in the car without the customer entering the store.
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    More Pharmaceutical Services
    In addition to the services already offered, we have expanded the pharmaceutical services of our stores by ensuring vaccine application, blood pressure measurement and rapid tests.
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    Donation of 25 million Reais to Hospitals
    We are donating 25 million reais to create a health belt in up to 50 vulnerable cities in Brazil. The money will be allocated to hospitals for the purchase of equipment and expansion of beds.
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    Up to Date Health Portal
    We are working to create a complete solution for Brazilians by providing referenced content, telemedicine, online prescription and all pharmacy dispensation solution (e-commerce, buy and pick up, delivery in the neighborhood) on the health platform.
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    Together with the government, we are vaccinating against flu in our stores Droga Raia and Drogasil to help prevent the most vulnerable population.
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    Donation to Health Entities
    We donate medicines to the State and to entities that are buying equipment for the SUS (Brazilian Unified National Health System) ICUs.
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