RD Exclusive Brands are proud to bring health, beauty and prevention to our customers in the five regions of Brazil.
Needs is a health and beauty brand that offers a variety of products to suit everyone's needs, linking quality, safety and price across different lines for different times of everyday life.
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Raia and Drogasil have products that bear the name of the brands in their portfolio, sold only in their respective stores. With a variety of items to meet consumer needs, both brands bring quality and safety to the public in prevention and health care.
Nutrigood is a brand that cares about nurturing body and mind, taking into account people's hectic routines. They are products with more natural ingredients and less preservatives. More health to you without losing taste and pleasure of eating well.
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Vegan by Needs offers a full line of hygiene and beauty products in a sustainable and careful way. All of them are vegan products, free from animal testing and toxic ingredients. The brand brings an affordable quality option that matches a more sustainable life.
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Triss is the brand of beauty accessories for any moment, giving a touch of personality to the look, whether with an accessory or makeup. Because we can be whoever we want, whenever we want.
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