We believe that stimulating the personal and professional development of our team is the key to transforming not only our business but also the world and the people.
We encourage self-awareness and place our employees as protagonists in their own careers.
So, we created programs especially focused on the development of our people.
Universidade RD (RD University)

We want to transform people, the company, and society through learning. That is why we have RD University, a learning platform with experiences, courses and paths for self-awareness, relationship between company and employee, and worldview.

Building a solid and constantly developing career is part of what we believe. That is why we have a career and training plan for stores and distribution centers that promotes professional growth from the base to the highest levels of the operation. At Trilhar, our employees have the possibility to trace the path they want to take in RD, always aiming at new levels within the company.
Crescer is a performance management program that stimulates the search for new challenges and provides personal and professional development opportunities for our employees. We created an assertive and personalized development and training plan for each one to take on the best version of themselves.